2020 Gift Guide-Stocking Stuffers and the Small Stuff!

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This part of my gift guide is one of my favorite to put together year after year. I try and add as many new items as possible each year but there are some things that are just so good that they must be included year after year. I have included all kinds of fun smaller gifts/stocking stuffers that can be good for kids of all ages and work on a ton of occupational therapy and other developmental skills. You will see there is a real mix of craft kits, sensory materials and toys, games and so much more. One of the things I did was find things that you can find in many of your local toy or gift stores (and please, please, please support your local small businesses this holiday season). Many of these are actually gifts that I give my own family and friends but they have a home in my therapy closet. For example, the Ooly Play Again Reusable Stickers are a favorite of the kids during my therapy session and the kids have absolutely no idea that we are working on improving fine motor and grasping skills, visual motor and perceptual skills while encouraging play and language skills. Every single one of these gifts works on multiple skills. I also tried to include things that keep kids off screens since there is so much screen time these days with remote learning and therapy. In a time where we all feel like there is so much we can’t control, we can be more mindful about what kinds of toys, games and craft materials we have available for our children. Another thing I was really happy to include were mindfulness and random acts of kindness cards. We all need to spend time not only taking care of ourselves, but making sure that children develop coping skills during this really unconventional time. 

1. Ooly Play Again Reusable Stickers

5. Twee Chalk    

I could have kept going with this list because there is just so much great stuff out there. I was excited to include some toys from my youth like the Speak and Spell, Mad Libs and Highlights Hidden Pictures books. It’s amazing how some of these things don’t lose their appeal even years and years later. If you are looking for specific recommendations for someone on your gift list this year, please reach out because I have so much more to suggest. Also, please let me know if you found some kind of amazing stocking stuffer or small gift that I should know about. I am always looking for new things to keep my kids motivated during their occupational therapy sessions in-person and while on remote sessions. I am only a click away and LOVE hearing from everyone. 
I must end by encouraging you to check out your local gift and toy stores this holiday season. While the holiday season is always important for these stores, this year it is so much more important after such a rocky several months of the pandemic. I was very mindful about including things that are easily found in smaller stores. Below, I share (again), the stores that I love in my home and work neighborhoods. Please feel free to share your favorite stores and where they are located:
Norman and Jules, Brooklyn  
Pink Olive, multiple locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and upstate New York

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