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One of the things I worked very hard on this year while putting my together my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide was to try and link to as many small and independent toy stores as possible.  In the days leading up to Hanukkah and Christmas, I am going to be inviting some of the owners of the toy-stores that I linked to and having them tell us their top 5 holiday picks for a particular group of children.  Today, I would like to introduce you to Allie Klein, the founder of the New York City based online toy store, Rose and Rex.  Allie earned a dual M.S.ED degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education.  While in graduate school, she studied the importance of play on early childhood development.  Her work helped her to create Rose and Rex, an online toy boutique that has a tremendous selection of hand-picked toys and products.  All toys were chosen with the following goals in mind:
*promote imaginative play and creativity 
*create empathetic thinkers
*encourage problem solving
I asked Allie to share her top 5 picks this holiday season for babies.  
**If you purchase any item from Rose and Rex, a portion of the sales will be donated to one of two organizations, Second Chance Toys or One Percent For The Planet**

Floating Shape Bath Blocks:  Made from all-natural, plant-based rubber, this bright set of eco-friendly shapes goes from play room floor to bathtub for endless floating fun.  A baby toy that grows along with a child, these blocks are perfect for helping ease into bath-time, learn new shapes and bring the sensory experience of water play into block building.  Whether on dry land or catching a wave, your little one will be mastering spatial awareness and getting acquainted with scientific principles-but to them it will just feel like stacking and splashing.
*OT skills that can be worked on while playing with the bath blocks are improving bilateral coordination and hand-eye coordination. 

Eco Ice Cream Rattles: We all scream for ice cream!  Here’s the scoop-baby’s first type of play is sensory play, which helps your little one start to understand the world and contributes to their cognitive and physical growth.  From touch to sound, stimulate baby’s developing senses with the charming three-piece set of ice cream cone rattles, lovingly hand-crocheted with soft organic bamboo yarn.  As kids get older and no longer need the rattle, they can be encouraged to increase free play and imagination skills when playing with them.
*OT skills that can be worked on while playing with the rattles are hand eye coordination, encourages cause and effect and grasping skills.  

Whale Push Toy:   Under the sea!  Timeless, eco-friendly and handcrafted, this Whale push toy is a special children’s gift.  Perfect for little hands as a child pushes the whale around their latest block creation, pretends to swim or makes up a story with the whale as the start they are exercising essential physical and cognitive skills while having fun.  Made from high-quality wood, this toy will grow with your baby.
*OT skills that can be worked on while playing with the whale are improving hand-eye coordination, grasping skills.  As kids get older and more mobile, you can add a string to the whale and they can take their whale for a walk.  

Sunglass Teether: Cool shades for cool babies.  Nurture baby’s budding senses with this stylish, eco-friendly and all natural teether.  Hand crafted out of solid, rock-hard maple, this teether is naturally antibacterial, safe from chemicals and toxins and is non-splintering.  
*OT skills that can be worked on while playing with the sunglass teether are improving grasping and coordination skills, hand-eye coordination and bilateral coordination  

Watermelon Rattle: We’re wild for watermelon, so this sweet hand-knit watermelon rattle has us totally charmed.  Stimulate baby’s developing senses and introduce your little cutie to their first type of play-sensory play!  From touch to sound, sensory experiences help babies understand the world around them and help to cultivate their cognitive and physical development.  Ratte, smile, repeat!

A big thank you to Allie this post and her wonderful ideas.  Be sure to check out the entire line of products at Rose and Rex for any of your last minute holiday gifts.  

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